Welcome to Tuscany Estates

    We, the Board of Directors of the Tuscany Estates Association Inc., are so pleased to welcome you as a unit owner of Tuscany Estates and hope that you will enjoy living here for many years to come.  Our community is currently made up of 127 units consisting of town homes, patio homes and single-family homes.

    This website will serve as a useful tool to keep you informed while living here in Tuscany Estates. We recommend viewing our website regularly. 

    Within approximately 4 weeks of your closing, you will receive a welcome packet from our management company, CMP (Community Management Professionals LLC), with useful information and, probably, answers to many of your questions.    

    Tuscany Estates is a great place to live and the Board of Directors are always looking for participation in association meetings and committees.  Usually association meetings are held about once a quarter throughout the year and we encourage unit owner attendance. Your involvement is not only beneficial to our community, it is also a great way to get to know people. 

    We look forward to getting to know every one of our residents and hope to see you at our meetings.

    Please do not hesitate to contact CMP (contact information on home page), if you have any questions or concerns.  

TEA Board of Directors:

Lisa Manion President (2 year term)

Peter Guido Vice President (1 year term)

Elise Navarro – Secretary (2 year term)

Jim Walsh – Treasurer (1 year term)

JoEllen Meek – Board Member (1 year term)

Committees and Lead contact:

Architectural Review                                          JoEllen Meek / Elise Navarro / Pete Guido

Architectural Request & Review                         Pete Guido / Lisa Manion / Linda Cole

Finance & Budget                                               CMP / Jim Walsh / Wendy Saxe / Richard Rice / Gerry Faychak

Insurance                                                            Jim Walsh

Pool and Clubhouse                                           Russ Foster / Barbara Stover

Property Management
Shared wall Maintenance                                   CMP / Lisa Manion
Lawn Maintenance                                              CMP / Pete Guido / Elise Navarro
Chemical Applications                                         Lisa Manion / Pete Guido

Rules & Regulations / Hospitality                        JoEllen Meek / Pete Guido / Elise Navarro

Website                                                                Elise Navarro / Dave Meek