If interested in joining a committee please contact CMP.


Architectural Guidelines________________________JoEllen Meek / Elise Navarro / Pete Guido

Architectural Alteration Request & Review_________Pete Guido / Lisa Manion / Linda Cole

Finance & Budget (CMP)________________________Elise Navarro  / Wendy Saxe / Richard Rice / Gerry Faychak / Jane Cionni /Johnathan Kite

Pool and Clubhouse___________________________Tim Holeczy / Russ Foster / Barbara Stover /JoEllen Meek

Entertainment/Hospitality_______________________Elise Navarro / Lisa Manion / JoEllen Meek

Property Management (CMP)
Shared wall Maintenance_______________________ Tim Holeczy / Lisa Manion
Lawn Maintenance and Applications______________ Pete Guido / Elise Navarro / Lisa Manion
Website______________________________________ Elise Navarro / Dave Meek