Assessment Fees and Instructions

Effective January 1st                                    Monthly Fees 2020

Single Family Resident                                            $ 32.00

Patio Home & Town Home Resident                       $170.00

Assessment Payment Method:

The four choices of assessment payment method are:

1) on-line (e-check) payment via the internet
2) credit card via the internet – Fee Applies (Please note that VISA is NOT accepted)
3) payment coupons – Coupon Book Fee Applies
4) direct debit of your authorized bank account on the 6th day of each month.

The choice is yours. The direct debit, coupons and on-line payment systems are free to both the owners and the Association. Owners choosing to pay by credit card will be charged a 3% per transaction fee by the bank.

When using a coupon, please mail your payment, with the corresponding months coupon, in the envelope provided to:

c/o CMP Processing Center
P.O.Box 95936
Las Vegas, NV  89193-5936

Payments are due the first (1st) day of each month, are past due the second (2nd) day of the month, and will accrue a late penalty charge according to your community’s documents. To avoid any late payment charges, be sure to mail your payment and coupon so they are received by the first (1st) day of the month in which it is due.

If you have chosen the coupon method of payment, please check them carefully when they arrive that all information is correct. Note any changes on one of the coupons before mailing it to the lockbox address above. Your changes will be forwarded to our accounting department and the necessary corrections will be made.

Assessment payments should NOT be mailed to CMP. Assessment payments of cash or check mailed to CMP will be charged a $5.00 handling fee. Assessment payments of cash or personal check sent to the lockbox  without a coupon will be charged a $5.00 handling fee. Please note that any invoice payments (for example, late payments or late fees) sent to CMP will be scanned and electronically processed. The transaction will appear on your bank statement and that will be considered your receipt, as your cancelled check will not be returned to you.

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