Tuscany News

Tough Negotiations

Your Board of Directors and CMP has negotiated and approved a 3-year contract with JML with no increases in our lawn care costs during this period but with some changes to work areas and duties.

JML has instructed the board that in order to keep our costs down, beginning in 2021 they will no longer be trimming around free-standing items located in any yards of patio and town home units. In the past, there has been a lot of damage that has occurred when trimming these areas and this costs them and the association money. A good way to prevent damage is to add boarders around these items.

JML will not be trimming around the following items and is not limited to: Deck posts, satellite dishes poles, play gym sets, fences (inside or outside parameter), privacy barriers, rear decks, bird baths, fire pits, flower boxes, garden boxes, swimming pools, sheds, picnic tables, benches etc.

JML will continue to trim mulch beds, fronts/sides/rear grass abutting unit except where siding is attached low to the grass line. Boarders in this area is also recommended. If you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact Carl Wilkinson, cwilkinson@cmpmgt.com

Committee Member Volunteers Needed

Tuscany Estates HOA continues to look for volunteers for various committees throughout our community. “You can make a difference in our community.” Volunteer today! Please contact Carl Wilkinson at cwilkinson@cmpmgt.com

CMP Portal

Community Management Professionals, LLC, the management company for Tuscany Estates Association, is happy to provide you with your login credentials for our association web portal.  The web portal is an extension of your management company’s new software, which will allow for better access to your account details such as violations, architectural requests, and financial history.

Effective immediately, you can log in to portal.cmpmgt.com using the following credentials:

Your login is: 
Your Temporary Password is: 

Please note that if your community currently has a website, it will still be available at this time, but financial and account details will only be located on the new web portal.

The activation of this portal will also not make any changes to the way you pay your association dues/fees.  If you are on our auto-debit program, you can access that information from the portal.  If you pay via e-check from either Alliance Association Bank or your personal bank, you will need to access that information from their websites.

If another member of your household would like access, please have them go to portal.cmpmgt.com and click Login at the top the page.  Then there will be a button that says “Sign Up”.  Please fill out the information and that will generate the request for an additional login. The system only generates a login to the primary email address listed on file.

Lastly, your information is automatically included in the association directory.  If you wish to change that, you can log in and select which information is shared.

Further instructions and information about the web portal is attached. If you have difficulty logging in, please contact us at support@cmpmgt.com.